Management Information


President and Representative Director

Yu Fukuda

After graduating from Chuo University's Faculty of Science and Engineering, he began working at a major comprehensive human resource service firm. There he assisted approximately 600 companies recruit human resources, primarily in the manufacturing industry. After working in the major corporate client department, he was involved in launching the company's first in-house venture program. In 2014, he participated in the founding of CIRCULATION. While responsible for small and medium-sized enterprises and major customers in manufacturing, he spearheaded the establishment of six regional offices and alliances with local financial institutions. He's a professional open innovation consultant working to transform the legacy market.

Director and General Manager of Business Administration Division

Masato Yamaguchi

After graduating from Keio University's Graduate School of Science and Technology, he began working at a major comprehensive human resource service company as the manager of the Corporate Planning Department. He engaged in company-wide budget development and oversaw management accounting, verified investment decisions, worked on IR reporting, and was involved with practical job training (PJT) for business improvement, organizational restructuring, and many other special circumstances. In 2014, he participated in the founding of CIRCULATION. He is the General Manager of the Corporate Strategy and Administration Division He is in charge of CIRCULATION's corporate departments, including Corporate and Business Planning, Finance, Legal Affairs, and Compliance.

Outside directors

Asako Saito

After graduating from Sophia University's Faculty of Foreign Studies, she went on to earn an MBA from Dartmouth College in the United States. She worked for Boston Consulting Group, then joined Louis Vuitton Japan Company, LVJ Group K.K. in 2000. After working as a marketing manager and multimedia director, she became COO of Celux in 2002. From 2007, she served as Senior Director of Strategic Customer Development at Louis Vuitton. She then left the group in July 2008 and established Dramatic Co., Ltd. In November 2020, she became an outside director at CIRCULATION.

Full-time Corporate Auditor (Outside)

Kazuhiko Tsuyuki

He joined an aluminum sash and curtain wall manufacturer affiliated with Kobe Steel in 1975. At the Administrative Division, he engaged in general administrative work including human resources, general affairs, labor relations, finance, and secretarial duties. He then moved on to a food service company, where he worked as a director and general manager of the Administrative Division. There he was involved in preparing the company for listing. In 1999, it was the first company he led in making its IPO. After that, he was involved in the listing of a food service consulting firm. After serving as the executive director of the administrative divisions for companies in the real estate, specialty trading, and food service industries, he was appointed as a full-time auditor of a food service company in 2016. He developed its audit system and was involved with its listing in 2018, the third IPO he supported. In May 2019, he became a Corporate Auditor for CIRCULATION.

Outside Corporate Auditor

Kenichi Koyama

After graduating from Meiji University's School of Commerce, he passed the second stage CPA exam in 1990 and joined Ota Showa Audit Corporation (now Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC). There he mainly engaged in auditing work with the manufacturing industry. In 2001, he became independent and opened the Kenichi Koyama CPA Tax Office. The wide range of accounting and tax-related services he provides include bookkeeping, tax advisory services for companies and individuals, accounting advisory services to audit firms, advisory services for improving accounting procedures and administration, and succession of business support.

Outside Corporate Auditor

Ryuta Yugi

After graduating from the Keio University's Faculty of Law, he passed the bar examination. Having completed his legal training, he registered as a lawyer in 2000. He polished his skills at a Tokyo-based law firm handling Japanese corporate legal affairs, and then established Foresight Law Office in 2011 and became a partner, a position he still holds. There he provides legal support to publicly listed companies and companies preparing for their IPOs, acting as a partner in business for his clients. In 2016, he was appointed as an outside corporate auditor of a food service company (currently an outside director and audit and supervisory committee member).

Executive Officer of Pro-Sharing Division,
Manager of Web Services Department

Ryota Murakami

After graduating from the Waseda University Graduate School of Mechanical Engineering Science, he joined Boston Consulting Group. There he engaged in projects that supported start-ups and worked on the organizational restructuring and downsizing of large companies. He then left the company and traveled around the world with his wife, visiting 60 countries. Back in Japan, while thinking about his next career move, he met comrades who would become founding members of CIRCULATION. He later took part in the founding of CIRCULATION, agreeing with its business model, which supports companies’ business operations through utilizing professionals with abundant experience and knowledge based on business, such as managers and specialists. He is in charge of employing technology to develop new businesses.

Executive Officer of Pro-Sharing Division,
Manager of FLEXY Department

Naoto Yanagida

After graduating from the College of Economics at Rikkyo University, he served as a career advisor and recruitment support consultant specializing in the IT industry. In that position, he provided career support for engineers and designers and consulted on human resource utilization for Internet companies. Drawn by the web and IT fields, he left the company to launch his own web marketing, IT engineer dispatching, and call center business in 2011. Since 2014, he has had a parallel career, participating in the management of three companies in addition to his own. With a desire to transform the labor market for engineers and designers, he joined CIRCULATION in May 2017 and took charge of the FLEXY Department.

Executive Officer of Pro-Sharing Division
Manager, Pro-Sharing Consulting, East Japan, Central Japan, and West Japan Branch

Atsushi Sasajima

After graduating from Kwansei Gakuin University, he joined Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation. Working in corporate sales, he helped provide financing services to the manufacturing industry. From there, he joined a major comprehensive human resource service company and assisted in recruiting for the manufacturing industry. He was chosen as a founding member of its Planning Department, with a mission of transforming the organizational culture. In 2015, he started working for CIRCULATION. He immediately set a company record for highest first-month sales. After serving as an open innovation consultant, he oversaw the planning and launch of the company's first regional office in Kansai from scratch. Currently, he is in charge of our 4 branch offices in western Japan.

Manager, Planning, Marketing and IT Department, Business Administration Division

Hiroyuki Akabane

After graduating from the Faculty of Letters of the University of Tokyo, he found himself drawn to the digital industry in the early days of WEB 2.0 and CGM, when he joined Mobile Factory. Later, as the director of a web marketing company, he was engaged in launching e-commerce sites and the development and operation of SEO services, which led to company growth. He began working for CIRCULATION in 2017 with a good sense of the business's potential from his own experience cultivating his web-related tech skills with the help of outside talent. Now he's in charge of marketing for the entire company. He's particularly adept in areas where marketing and technology overlap.

Manager, Human Resources Department, Business Administration Division

Miyu Ueta

After graduating from a vocational school, she joined a music office where she managed artists. After working in sales at an advertising agency, she joined a subsidiary of Adways Inc. where she was in charge of human resources and general affairs. From there, she was transferred to Adways, where she was responsible for domestic recruitment, launching the company's Aishain Section (the section to promote the company to love its employees), new business, and PR in Japan. She started working for CIRCULATION in 2017. Currently, she's in charge of the Human Resources Department, focusing on HR, PR, and general affairs.

Manager, Accounting and Finance Department,
Business Administration Division

Takanori Onodera

He joined AEON Credit Services (First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) in 2001, where he worked in accounting. Later, he was responsible for financial and management accounting at Intertrade, a securities systems vendor. He oversaw financing operations such as fund raising and banking negotiations, as well as company budgets. In the course of working for multiple companies, his desire to contribute to his home community in Iwate grew. He joined CIRCULATION in 2015, convinced that a business that shares experience and knowledge can be part of the solution in revitalizing local communities like those in Iwate. In addition to accounting and finance, he has knowledge of legal affairs and IPOs. He is in charge of the Accounting and Finance Department.