Analyst Coverage

This is a list of analysts belonging to securities firms and research organizations who analyze our performance and offer opinions and recommendations regarding our stocks.

(As of July 28, 2022. Company names in alphabetical order)

Analyst's organization Analyst
Ichiyoshi Research Institute, Inc. Masao Yoshida
IwaiCosmo Securities Co., Ltd. Daisuke Aiba
Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. Michihiro Ashiya

This list is published only to provide investors with information on the analysts who analyze and make forecasts concerning Company results, as well as their organizations. It is not intended to solicit or recommend the purchase or sale of our stocks. The Company does not endorse or sponsor the analysts listed.

Neither do we not endorse or guarantee their forecasts, opinions, or recommendations.

The information in this list reflects the information the Company has obtained as of the date of posting.
Therefore, some analysts may be unlisted, some information may no longer be current, and there may be inconsistent information.
Analysts make predictions concerning the Company's performance based on their own judgment by analyzing its financial results, performance, business, and technological capacity, as well as the business environment, economic trends, and other factors.
The Company and its management are not involved in any of these processes.

Please make investment decisions at your own discretion.